Finding passion and purpose.

Our Story.

The brothers and founders, Shaun and Leigh are Seekers. Whether it be through their travels, close relationships, or career paths the boys have always been seeking to find their life’s passion and do it every day. Flowstate Brewers and Distillers is a result of the brother’s eclectic backgrounds in the building, brewing and horticulture industries, together they bring practical creativity and a botanical sensibility to their production processes and drink styles.

Enjoy life and tread lightly on the planet.

Reason for being.

We want Flowstate to be a big part of improving our human experience for its role in living a meaningful life, where we spend less time worrying about the inauthentic or being overwhelmed by the frustration of the too hard.

We want the product we make to be an expression of our diverse skillsets and an extension of our coastal home that we love.

Our focus is simple, don’t take yourself too seriously, care for the people around you, enjoy life and tread lightly on the planet.

Gin de Sangria


Cold Brewed Coffee Liqueur