Cold Brewed Coffee Liqueur


25% ABV


We Love collaborating!! Especially when its with Local Surf Coast Artisans with a passion for delicious products.

Introducing the Cold Brewed Coffee Liqueur range by Flowstate.

We have teamed up with the Surf Coasts best coffee roasters to bring you 3 delicious liqueurs that will satisfy the caffeine fiend that is inside all of us.

- 3 coffee roasters

- 3 coffee liqueurs 

- 3 very different flavour profiles

Ocean Grind:

Origin: Colombia - Jairo Arcila, 'Santa Monica' (Quindio Region)
Altitude: 1,500masl
Process: White wine fermentation process (natural).
Notes: Red berries, chardonnay, chocolate and orange.

Mikro Coffee Roasters:

 Origin: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Gedyo region)

Altitude: 2000 - 2200
Process: Anaerobic fermentation
Notes: Lush berries, Lactic winey, Cinnamon, Dark chocolate, Complex tropical fruits.

Surf Coast Coffee Roasters:

Origin: Developed with high scoring beans from the worlds best coffee growing regions.
A medium dark roast. This full bodied blend, with dark chocolate and liquorie notes, makes for a well balanced smooth coffee. 

Available in 700ml and 200ml bottles or why not treat yourself and experience all 3 in our 200ml gift pack!